Contemplate Life

Lately I have been very stressed and depressed. I want to be done with school, but at the same time I think that I am afraid that I will be. I have always loved music and wanted to do something in music, but somewhere along the way I was convinced that it would not be a viable career option. My current major if accounting, which I sort of enjoy because I can do it well, but is this what I want to do with the rest of my life? It seems like I am too far to turn back.

A friend of mine suggested that I take up a music minor, or at least signup for a voice class, but I wonder if that would only make me want more of what I cannot have. And also classes are expensive; would I be spending the money for entertainment, or would I be saving my self from a mistake? In combination with another issue I am struggling with; how long (how many things) can I deny my heart?

On a brighter note tonight is the dress rehearsal for my choir concert. I have been involved in the East Texas Community Chorus and our concert will be tomorrow night. We will be performing pieces by Bach, Handel and Charpentier. I have really enjoyed being challenged and have had a lot of fun practicing, so I am sad that it will be over, but I am really itching for perform on stage again.

One thought on “Contemplate Life

  1. The concert sounds wonderful.

    And prayers ascending from Down Under for the depression and stress, and for decisions as to the future. God bless.

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