New Stuff

In August I started the term at University of Texas. My schedule is better this semester: I work in the morning and go to school in the afternoons. I am taking business law, composition, accounting, and psychology. None of them are too hard and business law isn't as boring as it could be.

I received my WISE package shortly after my last post, but my modem was zapped by lightning and I didn't have internet for awhile. I am ashamed to say that after that I forgot that I hadn't blogged about it. Jack the Lass sent me a cute writing journal with a matching pen, three bars of delicious chocolate, a heart shaped bath soap and a fizz ball that smell wonderful. If I can find a camera I will put up a picture, though sadly it won't contain the chocolate because I ate it. (It was very good chocolate.) : P

While reading blogs I discover an organization called the SCA. Its purpose is to re-discover history, particularly the middle ages. They have meetings and events where every one wears period clothes and there are activates such as sword fighting, feasts, and arts and sciences classes. I was really excited when I found out about it because I have always been interested in old European history. I am not normally a very social creature and tend to be a little shy sometimes but I made myself go to a meeting. The meeting went well and I leaned a lot about the SCA. It turned out that the next weekend there would be event, but later that week it was canceled due to Hurricane Rita. I am currently working on my first garb (term for period clothes). I have already sewn an under-dress and am working on the over-tunic. I will have pictures once I am done.

4th of July

I am a little behind in my posting again…

The 4th of July is American Independence Day. I spent the holiday at my uncle’s house. We ate a lot of BBQ and shot off some really awsome fireworks. I liked the ones I picked out best, they shot up really high and had several different blasts, each with different colors and effects. We almost didn’t get to have fireworks at all because it would have been too dry, but it rained really good on the weekend.

We had already had a get-together on Saturady at one of my dad’s uncle’s. There were quite a few more people there, all more extended family, most of which I didn’t know. We swam in the pool for a while then my cousins and I played Blackjack and poker. It is a good thing we didn’t bet money because I didn’t do very well. Had a great time overall though.

Old news

During the months that I was gone my dad got a new tractor. He used it to dig the whole I found the clay in. I haven’t had time yet to experiment with pit kilns, but I will keep you posted.

Dirt under my nails

Yesterday was great. I went and saw a friend that I had almost lost touch with that had just moved back. We spent almost two hours just getting caught up. The conversation left me wishing that things could be as simple as they were before. I guess the time between now and then has made me realize that I could not have done anything differently; thus the simplicity.

My dad was digging a whole in the back yard and unearthed some natural clay. I spent yesterday afternoon trying to make pottery out of it. It took me a while to get it damp enough to be pliable without making it mushy. I eventually ended up with two crude, lumpy bowls. After I cleaned up I got on Google and researched primitive pit kilns. From reading about old designs and their flaws I have an idea about something that might work. My bowls are drying right now, but I will let you know in a few days how the experiment works.


It seems that I am not even able to be consistently inconsistent. I was only posting once or twice a month (even though I intended to post more), but it has now been three months.

A few things have happened; the biggest even was April 14, probably the only one worth telling. A girl pulled out and hit my car. Yes, the car I got in December. I will try to put in a picture if it works. Her insurance paid for the repairs (over $4,000 and car rental fees for 42 days while it was in the shop), so it is as good as new.

I finished the semester with A's in Government and Public Speaking and B's in Economics and Biology. I am currently taking a World Literature class for the summer, and plan to transfer to the University of Texas in the fall.

My writing has gone no where. I just have not felt motivated and not even a few lines of bad poetry have surfaced.

Little reminders

Shame on me for not posting for so long.

I was reminded to blog when my cousin and I were at the cinema. I read someone’s T-shirt which said: "I’m blogging this." Well I guess I am too.

My birthday was about a week ago. I turned 20, which is really weird because I am no longer a "teen," but I haven’t even felt like one for the last year and a half since I have had a job and been in college. Those two kind of hit you over the head with responcibility and take away some of the freedom.

I have not been writing for a long time and I feel like I am falling back in it now. I have only one story in progress and I’m not quite sure where it is going yet, but I am getting more ideas than I had before. Maybe something will come of it. We will have to wait and see. I wrote a few lines of poetry, but have not finished the whole thing yet. I may post it here when I’m done if I am not too embarassed of it.

Last week was spring break. I had Thursday and Friday off of work, but was sick through Saturday. My dad and brothers went camping. I would have loved to go. They went canoeing, which I have not gotten to do in a long time.

I won’t be able to go with them if they go this summer either, because if I am not taking summer classes I will get a second job to help pay for tuition. I really want don’t want to owe too much money when I get out. I have not been able to save as much money as I was before, with car payments and now rising gasoline prices. We will have to wait and see how it all turns out.


Not much has been happening. School is going well. So far none of my class seem to be very hard. I’m taking biology, public speaking, economics, and state government.

Work has been going smoothly with the exeption of one incident. I do secretary work for a residental garbage collection service and we rent to our customers a 95 gallon pastic bin to put their trash in to keep out dog or anything that would scatter it. Just a few days ago a customer filled theirs with dead chickens. Our man on the route called in to ask if he had to take it. I had the joy of contacting the owner of our business, the health department, and trying to reach the customer. The health department said there was nothing they could do about though it was interesting to find that there had been pervious violations. I found out the customer was behind in paying and scheduled to be canceled. When we tried to contact them their phone was disconected. To solve the whole problem we canceled the customer, and the owner retreaved our bin and dumped the chickens at the landfill.

I apears that my life is so dull that this is the most intersting thing that has happened in a few weeks.

A little reflection

I love words. Just by themselves they are a form of art. You can use words to recreate any situation, feeling, or picture. With the words you can paint the picture with a new light from a new angle. Words can be strong and thought provoking bring forth raw emotion. Whether the words are harsh or gentle the tongue is a powerful weapon.

Think how much more powerful these words are when put to song! Tunes and rhythms move the soul. When words are combined with this "beautiful" does not even begin to describe it.

How can anyone think that this is of us? Such fallen and imperfect creatures?